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You may have heard that a growing list of Managed Service Providers (MSP) like Celeratec are the victims of a massive hack of the Kaseya Virtual System Administration (VSA) product, and because of this many of those MSP clients are now subject to a ransomware nightmare.

We sympathize with the other MSPs and their affected clients and are available to help them during this time of need, simply call 888-423-5372.

Celeratec has used Kaseya in the past, but we have not used them in many years and we are un-affected by this latest hack.

Celeratec has built a support stack that prioritizes client network security and stability and we have been rigorous in our application of good security practices across the board to ensure a stable and safe client experience.

With a growing number of malicious actors focusing on hacking network administration tools used by MSP companies like Celeratec, we are taking a renewed focus on the security of these tools and coordinating with our vendors to minimize risk to our clients.

Since these tools give us administrative level access to all of our client infrastructure, we are keenly aware of this threat and have already implemented security procedures such as 2FA, GEO limited access, limited permissions based on role, WAF protection on the front end, end-to-end encryption, monitoring and much more, but we are looking to elevate these procedures with even more enhanced security.

We will keep you informed about any updates and we will continue to enhance our policies, procedures, and systems and ensure that all of our client systems are protected against malicious actors.

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