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I’m excited to announce the next version of the Celeratec Managed Network Infrastructure system and upcoming hardware upgrades for all client locations.

This email will detail what is happening and how it will affect your account if you currently subscribe to Celeratec Managed Network Infrastructure.

One new optional feature of note below is the new LTE Failover option for your network. This feature provides a backup Internet connection to your company in the event that your Internet connection ever goes down.

|| Background ||

Since the introduction of the Celeratec Managed Network Infrastructure more than 3-years ago, we have upgraded most of our client locations with new routers, switches and Wireless Access Point and upgraded all locations to WiFI6 at no cost as part of the program, replacing hardware and enabling the service changes so that all clients can experience the benefit of the latest network and WiFi technology and security without large unpredictable equipment costs.

This is the promise of Celeratec Managed Network Infrastructure:

– Monthly Fee includes all hardware and labor required to maintain your network.

– Automatic upgrade to the latest hardware and software as technology advances.

– Remote monitoring and maintenance.

– Free Hardware Replacement as needed for damaged equipment.

|| What’s Happening ||

Today we are announcing some major upgrades coming to the program and some additional optional features available to your company.

– Routers: We will be upgrading all of the routers currently deployed to improve service.

– Improved VPN Options and Ability

– WAN Failover and Aggregation (When 2 ISP connections are available)

– LTE Failover (Optional)

– Faster Throughput Bandwidth up to 1Gbps (Faster Internet Speeds)

– Intrusion Detection (Optional)

– Wireless Access Points: We are retiring all non-WiFi6 Access Points and replacing all Wireless Access Points to improve service.

– WiFi6 only

– WPA2 and WPA3

– Improved Roaming in larger offices or buildings.

– Outdoor Option

– High Powered Option

– Network Switches: We are replacing all Network Switches with PoE Switches.

– PoE now standard.

– More Switching Bandwidth (Faster Network Speeds)

– Improved Network Reports

|| LTE Failover ||

LTE Failover is a new feature available for an optional monthly fee to all clients. 

This feature uses wireless LTE as an unlimited backup Internet connection for your office.In the even of an Internet failure, your router will automatically switch to LTE to keep your business online.

When paired with our Backup Battery solution, this option will keep your network online and working during most outages.

If this option appeals to you, please let me know so I can upgrade your account with this new feature when your Router is upgraded.LTE Failover clients will be upgraded first and get the new routers because they require some additional programming.

|| How Does This Affect Me? ||

For regular users, there should be no notable interruption, but you can expect a faster, more reliable network and WiFi experience after the upgrade.

We will be replacing all of your network equipment over the next year with newer equipment and may need to schedule time with your company to ensure minimal impact.

We will be rolling out the hardware replacement in phases.

There will be no charge for the hardware or labor to make this change.

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